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Senior Art Director

As a Senior Art Director at McCann for almost 2 years, I initially worked primarily on the Nestle account creating materials for ZENPEP, a newly acquired pharmaceutical product used to treat EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) often caused by CF (Cystic fibrosis).

Nestle_Zenpep_CVA CF Brochure 1.jpg

Developing a
Look and Feel

I began on the Nestle account by redesigning the Key Visual Aids for both the CF and Non-CF patients.

When designing the Key Visual Aids for ZENPEP, I kept in mind that CF is a condition that is present from birth and often affects children. Thus, I used imagery that featured parents and their children to appeal to this demographic. Additionally, I chose paler shades of purple for the CF version to evoke a sense of calm and comfort, which is essential for families dealing with the challenges of CF.

For the Non-CF version, which was geared towards individuals who developed EPI later in life, I incorporated images of adults and warmer pink tones to create a sense of vitality and energy. While the colors were similar to the CF version, they were distinct enough to differentiate the two versions of the Key Visual Aids.

Nestle_Zenpep_CVA Non-CF Brochure 1.jpg

After finishing the Core Visual Aids for ZENPEP, I developed a set of Brand Guidelines to establish clear rules for all brand-related materials. These guidelines established standards for fonts, colors, logo usage, and more, and were shared with the client and any vendors they hired, as well as everyone else on the account. By doing so, we ensured that everyone involved had a clear understanding of the standards they needed to meet, which helped maintain consistency across all ZENPEP materials.

ZenpepBrandGuidelines 1.jpg



Establishing a Brand

Using the newly created Brand Guidelines, I redesigned both websites for the ZENPEP brand—one for consumers and one for HCPs (Health Care Professionals). Additionally, I created an interactive tablet presentation that representatives could use to review with HCPs.

Consumer WebSite.jpg
HCP WebSite.jpg
IVIS Tablet Presentation

Expanding the Reach

After finalizing the website and core visuals, the client awarded the agency the entire account due to their satisfaction with the work. As a result, I began working on a broader range of assets and was assigned to two additional brands: HYRIMOZ, which aids in the treatment of Crohn's disease, and DENTSPLY, which focuses on dental aligners. Additionally, I expanded my involvement with the Nestle account by redesigning their unbranded reward program for ZENPEP.

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