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After working on the Nestle account for a year, I was assigned to several other accounts. The most prominent of these was HYRIMOZ, a new biosimilar drug that was synthetically made and was 99.9% identical to its competitors in every way.

Pitching a Video Series

The main objective is to get doctors to prescribe your drug, so with HYRIMOZ being basically identical to its competitors, the first goal was to inform doctors that HYRIMOZ was now an option. With the support of a well-respected healthcare provider, we developed a pitch deck for a video series that would walk other healthcare providers through all the details of the drug.


The Difference Maker

Although all competitors are essentially identical, they do differ in the method of administration. HYRIMOZ stands out as the only drug that is administered using a triangular injection pen, which was rated as the easiest device to use in testing compared to all competitors. I felt honored to be tasked with designing this clear difference-maker for the client, as it is what the brand will come to be known for.

The Pen.png

In Hand Experience

Since the triangular injection pen
was one of the very few differences between HYRIMOZ and its competitors, the next objective was to get it into the hands of healthcare providers. To achieve this, I updated the box and instruction booklet for a demonstration kit. This allowed those who prescribe the product to get a sense of how much easier our device was to use than others, even before the product was released. We hoped that this would result in more prescriptions for customers based on ease of use. Both the pen and packaging had a rush timeline because the first prototypes were

to be used in the video series that
we were filming to accompany
the launch.


Brand New Branding

After the video series was underway, our next task was to create the website that would host the series, along with an email campaign to announce the launch of the drug in the upcoming year. I designed three different options for the mobile site, as this was seen as the most important format. All three options incorporated the look and feel, as well as some video elements, from the series. In the end, they chose option 1, which featured a graphic I had designed based on the deck we had pitched for the video series about moving light particles.

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