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During my time at McCann, I worked on several videos. Some of these videos were instructional for parents and focused on the best methods for delivering medication to children. I also participated in the creation of a video series for Hyrimoz before its launch.

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Back to The Storyboard 

In most video projects, my primary responsibility involves laying out the storyboard, which is a crucial step in the process.

The initial video project I worked on was an instructional video aimed at parents, detailing the optimal method of administering medication. As part of this project, I updated the graphic icons and revised the disclaimer copy, along with the voice-over narration that accompanied it.


The following video project was considerably more complex than updating an existing video. It was developed from scratch, starting with the conceptualization phase. I paired off and collaborated with a copywriter as did four or five other designers, with each team tasked with creating a video that would generate excitement for the product by highlighting the joy of social eating.


My copywriter and I brainstormed ten different concepts, and we presented them to the larger group. Out of the five ideas pitched to the client, three were developed by our team. We believed that our idea, which played off the sound of food and the reactions it elicited, was a sure winner. However, due to budgetary constraints, the client ultimately opted for an option that utilized stock footage combined with film from our photoshoots. to avoid shooting from scratch.

A Fresh Approach


The Final Product

Although we chose the low-budget option, it was important to ensure that the final product still met the client's expectations and effectively conveyed the intended message. This meant curating each clip to ensure that they not only fit within the budget constraints but also effectively communicated the desired concept.  Overall, even though we chose a low-budget option, it still required significant effort and attention to detail to ensure a successful outcome.

Crafting a Series 


As soon as the agency acquired the HYRIMOZ account, I joined the team. One of the major obstacles we faced was the high number of competitors in the market as HYRIMOZ was a bio-similar drug that produced identical results to its counterparts. To address this, we created a 7-part mini-video series that was hosted by medical experts and combined with CGI to showcase why our drug and program stood out as the preferred choice.

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