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Live 2 Thrive is a loyalty reward program designed for individuals diagnosed with EPI. The program was created to provide support to people who were prescribed ZENPEP. However, due to FDA regulations, the corresponding website had to be unbranded to comply with guidelines. This presented a unique challenge, as it required us to

create content that was informative and supportive without

relying on branding or specific product information. Despite these limitations, we were able to develop a website that provided valuable resources and support to those with EPI.

To Brand or Not Brand


When Nestle acquired ZENPEP, the original plan was to create a branded loyalty support program. As the new lead on the creative team, I was tasked with streamlining the content and building a site that was branded as a ZENPEP site to support individuals with EPI. After several rounds of name choices, the client ultimately settled on the name EPIcenter, and I was responsible for creating a new logo to represent it.


However, as we began the process of building the new site and designing accompanying materials, we received unexpected news from the lawyers. It was determined that a branded support program would not be permissible, and we had to go back to the drawing board with our conception. Despite the setback, we were able to pivot our approach and develop a new strategy that focused on providing unbranded support and resources to those with EPI.


The Website Relaunch

11720447 Live2Thrive Website Top_half.jpg

After the "EPIcenter" website was scrapped, it was rebuilt from scratch with a new logo and a completely new look.

As the most senior person on this account, I played a leading role in spearheading this project. We started by generating multiple concepts, each designed to convey a specific emotional tone and message that the brand was trying to portray. To bring these concepts to life, we utilized a plethora of stock images, carefully selected to evoke feelings of community and the joy of sharing meals.

Additionally, we drew inspiration from the branding of ZENPEP, while also
ensuring that the connection was not too overt. We wanted to ensure that
people who were already familiar with the ZENPEP brand would see the connection, but at the same time, we didn't want to limit the new brand's identity
or make it seem like a mere copycat. Overall, our goal was to create a brand that would resonate with our target audience, conveying the importance of enjoying life through food and fostering a sense of community around shared meals.


 Applying the Elements


After finalizing the Home page of the website and getting it approved, the next step was to build out the rest of the site. This involved creating a language for buttons, page headers, callouts, and all the other little details on each page that would help to maintain a consistent look and feel throughout the website.

Once we had established these design elements, we were able to apply them to other marketing materials, such as customer letters, brochures, and pamphlets. By utilizing these consistent design elements across all marketing materials, we were able to establish a strong brand identity that would be instantly recognizable to our target audience.


Point to Point Sales 

The final major project for the "Live2Thrive" program was the creation of a booth to be featured at major conventions that year. The booth consisted of a large information wall surrounded by brightly colored photos of food and people enjoying an active, healthy lifestyle. Similar images adorned the counter island in the front of the booth, where representatives engaged with convention-goers to discuss the finer points of the reward program.

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