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Event Spaces

When I joined the agency, the Nestle Zenpep account was divided. It wasn't until I redesigned their website and key visual aids that the entire account was awarded to McCann, allowing us to design booths for all upcoming conventions.

Nestle ZENPEP 


In the first year of working on the Nestle account during convention season, our team provided another agency with the brand guidelines, campaign imagery, and logo. However, the following year presented new challenges. Our team was asked to design the layout of the space where the Nestle booth would be located. This was an exciting opportunity for us to showcase our creativity and develop a strategy that would attract more people to the booth.

Our client's goal was to offer food samples that would complement the booth's layout and highlight the importance of feeling okay when eating, especially for patients with EPI. We wanted to create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere that would encourage attendees to stay longer and learn more about the Nestle products.




After completing the larger Nestle booth, we had one more project to tackle for their EPI reward program, "Live2Thrive." Although it fell under the Nestle umbrella and dealt with EPI, it was not permitted to be branded or associated with ZENPEP. As a result, we had to create a separate, smaller booth that featured a large information wall and an island counter where representatives could engage with visitors. Despite its modest size, the booth was designed to be eye-catching and inviting, with the information wall serving as a focal point that drew people in to learn more about the program.

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