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I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to work on various repackaging projects. The packaging is crucial in conveying the brand's essence to potential customers, establishing credibility, fun, or a unique selling point that entices someone to choose it over its competitors.

11635601_Zenpep 12x2 40KSample Kit_v18d2.png

Just a

The field of medicine is highly competitive, so it's crucial to have your sample stand out among others.

One of my first packaging projects was designing the sample box for Nestle Zenpep, which would be distributed to doctors and patients diagnosed with EPI. HCPs have testified that they often have a designated area or closet for keeping their samples, and with some treatments having little differentiation between competitors, up to eight options may be available to them. Therefore, it was essential for this box to stand out and catch the attention of the Health Care Provider.

When I received the project, the initial design was predominantly white, with only the purple logo drawing attention. To make the box more noticeable, I decided to take a bold approach and create a bright purple box.


After finalizing the design for the sample box, I was tasked with creating an unconventional pill bottle for conventions and special promotions. To tie into the food-centric campaign for Nestle Zenpep, I drew inspiration from the packaging of food products such as soda and soup cans, as well as candy wrappers like M&Ms or hard candies.


A Little Exsperimental

The Defining Element

When I joined the Hyrimoz team at the agency, one of the significant challenges was the high number of competitors in the market. As a biosimilar drug, Hyrimoz and its competitors shared over 99% of the composition and results, making it challenging to create a unique selling point for the brand. However, I was given the opportunity to design a competitive difference for the brand with its Triangular Injection pen. I redesigned the label for both the syringe and the injection pen, as well as the box they would be shipped in and the accompanying instruction pamphlet.

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