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As an Art Director for 18 years, I've created impactful campaigns for diverse clients, from Fortune 500 to mom-and-pop shops. I excel in print and digital media, delivering designs that engage and captivate the audience's attention.

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A New
Selling Space

I began my design career at eFashion Solutions (EFS), an agency that specialized in creating and managing online presences for more than 30 brands.

At EFS, I began as a photographer and production artist but was quickly promoted to associate art director within a year. In this position, I oversaw three designers and managed the online presence for half of the agency's clients. This included creating and distributing weekly email advertisements and maintaining a strong relationship with each brand to ensure that campaign imagery and styling aligned with the brick-and-mortar version of the brand.


Moving In-House

By 2008, it became clear that the internet was a permanent fixture, and all of the brands represented by eFashion recognized the importance of establishing an online presence to generate revenue. I left eFashion that year to work freelance for high-end brands such as Ralph Lauren and Victoria's Secret. As eFashion's clients departed, I was approached by one of their luxury brands, Judith Lieber to become their in-house director for online marketing. In this role, I collaborated with members of the merchandising and PR teams to develop a marketing calendar and a full-year schedule for implementing new campaigns aimed at boosting the brand's online presence.


Well Rounded Skills

While working for Judith Lieber, Macy's reached out to me about my work and offered me a role as the head of all men's and kids' digital creative. During my nearly 10 years at Macy's, my responsibilities evolved over time. After managing the men's and kids' digital section for 3-4 years, the company underwent a reorganization and transitioned to campaign-based teams.

As a result, I managed a team of 5-10 people to spearhead major campaigns such as Black Friday and Back-to-School. As the lead on these campaigns, I oversaw every aspect, including creating the lock-up, look and feel, and directing all photoshoots and asset creation. With my expertise in photography, I was able to optimize my shoots and create several experimental campaigns that earned me commendations. I was then placed in charge of a new team tasked with revamping old campaigns to breathe new life into them.


Big Ideas,
Big Agency

During the pandemic, I led a team of designers to revitalize old campaigns with experimental concepts and out-of-the-box thinking. Unfortunately, when cuts had to be made, my team was let go. I was fortunate enough to secure a role in pharmaceutical advertising back on the agency side at McCann. While at McCann, I worked on three main accounts, presenting concepts to clients, rebuilding multiple websites from scratch, creating convention spaces, and repackaging products and samples for healthcare providers and consumers.

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