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Director of Digital Marketing

Black Marble

After managing Judith Lieber's account at eFashion for a couple of years, they approached me to manage their online presence when they left the company. I was subsequently hired to work in-house and tasked with generating an online presence, growing their mailing list, and increasing sales to turn the website into a profitable venture.


Planing for Success

Effective planning is crucial to achieving success, and this is especially true in the world of marketing. As such, when I started my role, my first priority was to set up a comprehensive marketing plan. Our main objectives were to increase website traffic and grow the mailing list, and through the plan, we were able to achieve these goals successfully.

One of the key elements of the plan was to establish a marketing schedule, which allowed our customers to anticipate new drops and campaigns on certain days, helping to keep the site fresh and exciting. We also set up regular email campaigns to ensure that our brand stayed at the forefront of our customers' minds. By giving our customers a reason to keep coming back, we were able to establish a loyal customer base and ultimately achieve our marketing objectives.

Campaign Creation

I started updating the site once a week to create a sense of anticipation for returning customers and to encourage repeat visits. Additionally, I began creating campaigns to establish a lifestyle image for the brand. The first campaign was centered around the theme "Be...." with slogans such as "Be Elegant," and "Be Mysterious." By crafting a brand persona and message, we were able to create a more meaningful connection with customers and build a loyal following.


Going Viral 



 After having such huge success with Judith Lieber  I was asked to make the same kind of updates and changes  we rebuilt the site for Adrianne Vittadini  from scratch 

After successfully increasing traffic and growing the mailing list, I realized that it was necessary to create even more content in order to establish a social media presence

for the brand. To achieve this, we decided to shoot a Behind the Scenes video during

one of our campaigns that we could post on social media. This allowed

us to showcase the brand's personality and give our followers

a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes

during our shoots.

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