While with McCann I worked on several Videos a couple of which were more instructional for parents on how to best deliver the medications to children I also worked on a video series for Hyrimoz to predate their launch 

11617627 Nestle Zenpep_Zenpep Administration to Infants Video_V7-1.jpg

Drawing out a Story Board 

Laying out the storyboard is a key step and my main responsibility in most video projects 

The First video I worked on was an instructional video for parents on how to best deliver the medication.  Graphic Icons were updated as well as disclaimer copy and the voice-over that read it.


The Second Video project I worked on was much more involved that a couple of updates to an already existing video.  This project would be created from Scratch so it all started with concepting.  I paired up with a copywriter as did  4or 5 other designers each team was tasked with coming up with a video to gain excitement for the product based on the joy the social eating brought.


Me and my copywriter came up with 10 Ideas and present them to the larger group and 3 of the 5 ideas pitched to the client were ours.  we thought we had a real winner playing off the sound of food and the reaction it causes in you.  But due to the budget requirements, the client ended up choosing the option that  used stock footage mixed with  film from our photoshoots

A Fresh Approach


The Final Product

Even though the low-budget option of using  clips we had already shot and Stock footage  it still to a lot of work where I choose each clip and laid out the  story boards  which was then sent to production  to be stitched together using the graphics I provided to make it feel like a cohesive  flowing  video from beginning to end 

Crafting a Series 


I joined the HYRIMOZ Team when the account came to the Agency and one big challenge with this medication was the number of competitors since it was bio-similar meaning it was chemically and in terms of results they were exactly the same. so We started developing a 7-part mini-video series with medical experts to  explain why our drug and program was the one of choice 

11699219 Video 3 Storyboard_Rev6_SUPERS-1.jpg
11699219 Video 3 Storyboard_Rev6_SUPERS-1.jpg