I worked as a Senior Art Director for McCann for almost 2 years.

I started on the Nestle account, creating materials for their newly acquired pharmaceutical product ZENPEP,  used to treat EPI (exocrine pancreatic insufficiency) most often brought on by CF (Cystic fibrosis). 

Developing a
Look and Feel

I started  on the brand by redesigning the Key Visual Aids for both their CF  and Non-CF Patients  

Since CF is an illness you generally have from birth  I designed it using imagery of parents with their children as well as using paler purple colors to help differentiate it from the non-CF version which was for people who developed EPI later in life. It uses more adults in the imagery and shifts the color to more of a warm pinky hue in the same kinda area as the CF version but distinctly different. 


Once the Core Visual Aids were complete I created the Brand Guidelines so there were clearly defined rules when it came to anything produced for the brand. These guidelines set standards for fonts, colors, logo usage, etc, and were distributed to the client for any vendors they hired as well as anyone else on the account so they knew the standards they needed to meet.

ZenpepBrandGuidelines 1.jpg



Establishing a Brand

Using the Brand Guidelines I redesigned both of the websites for the brand. One for the consumers and one for HCPs (Health Care professionals) as well as an interactive tablet presentation for a representative to review with HCPs. 

Expanding the Reach

 Once the Website and the core visuals were set the client was so pleased with the work that had been done that they awarded the entire account to the agency.  Once we were awarded the account I started work on a much wider variety of assets and I was also assigned to two additional Brands: HYRIMOZ which is used to help treat Crons and DENTSPLY which focused on Dental Aligners. The Role of the Nestle account also grew by redesigning the reward program tied to related to ZENPEP.