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The heart of WabiSabi Wasabi lies a commitment to unearth the extraordinary within the ordinary. We paint with the colors of everyday life, weaving stories that celebrate the beauty found in the seemingly mundane. Each brushstroke or click of the camera captures a moment of grace, elevating the simple to the sublime. Join us in discovering the magic of life's smallest moments, where every detail holds a story waiting to be told and celebrated.


The Root Collection

Our inaugural NFT release marks the dawn of a new era in digital artistry. Limited to just 75 editions, with only 25 available for minting, "A Better World is Possible" is a testament to our commitment to pushing boundaries and challenging conventions. By acquiring one of these exclusive NFTs, you not only become a custodian of digital art but also a pioneer in a movement poised to redefine the landscape of creativity. As an original collector, you'll enjoy a host of privileges, from exclusive access to future projects to a special airdrop from our reserve vault. And as our journey unfolds, you'll be at the forefront of a community united by a shared vision: to create a better world, one pixel at a time.


A Better World Limitied Edition

In a bustling city, amidst a crowd of people, stands a lone figure. His back turned to the camera, he holds a sign that reads 'A Better World is Possible.' The scene is captured in striking black and white contrasts, emphasizing the starkness of the moment. The image evokes the energy of a protest march, where individual voices unite in a collective call for change. This street photography-style composition highlights the boldness and busyness of urban life, while subtle tones of light black and silver add depth to the scene. Through this snapshot of everyday activism, the image invites viewers to contemplate the possibility of a brighter future, where every voice matters.

Original Collector (OC) Status

Becoming an Original Collector (OC) holds a unique significance within the WabiSabi Wasabi community. As an OC, you're not just a collector; you're part of an exclusive group that believed in the brand's vision from its earliest days. Your support and dedication have propelled the brand forward, elevating its story and shaping its identity. By being an OC, you stand at the highest level among the patrons of the brand, deserving of the utmost respect and recognition. Your commitment to WabiSabi Wasabi before it reached its full potential demonstrates your unwavering belief in the power of art and storytelling. As such, you hold a special place within the community, embodying the spirit of authenticity and resilience that defines the brand.


The Airdrop associated with the "A Better World is Possible" NFT presents a unique opportunity for collectors to receive a tangible piece of the journey behind the artwork. With each NFT minted, the holder will be assigned one roll of film from a stockpile captured during a cross-country expedition. As part of this exclusive offering, the funds raised through minting will be utilized to develop, edit, and scan the film roll, ensuring that each frame is meticulously curated. Upon completion, one selected image from the roll will be airdropped directly to the holder, offering them an intimate glimpse into the physical world that inspired the digital creation. This personalized experience not only adds depth to the storytelling aspect of the NFT but also establishes a profound connection between the collector and the artwork, elevating the value and significance of their ownership.

Merch Drop

Introducing the WabiSabi Wasabi "A Better World is Possible" hoodie—a stylish statement piece that embodies the brand's ethos of optimism and empowerment. Crafted from premium black fabric and featuring a comfortable kangaroo pocket on the front, this hoodie is as functional as it is fashionable. The iconic WabiSabi Wasabi Double W logo adorns the left chest, serving as a subtle nod to the brand's roots. On the back, the phrase "A Better World is Possible," inspired by the NFT artwork, takes center stage in bold white lettering, making a powerful statement about the potential for positive change. Whether you're out exploring the urban jungle or cozying up at home, this hoodie is sure to inspire conversations and spread the message of hope wherever you go.

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