Event Spaces

The main account I was on, Nestle ZENPEP  was originally split when I came to the agency  it was not until I redesigned  their websites and key visual aids that they awarded the entire account to McCann in which we gained the right to design the booths for all upcoming conventions  

Nestle ZENPEP 


One of the first packages I worked on was the sample box for Nestle Zenpep. These boxes would be sent to doctors and handed out to patients diagnosed with EPI. HCP testimony has told us they often have a closet or area where they keep their samples and for some treatments, the competitors have so little difference that the HCPs can just reach the area and grab any one of up to 8 options so this box needed to stand out in a pile at in an instant of opening the closet door. When the project first arrived to me it was basically all white with just the logo in purple to draw more attention I decided to flip the script and have a bright purple box.


Live 2 Thrive


 after the design for the sample box was all set. I was asked to design an out-of-the-box pill bottle for conventions and special promotions. I played into the food-centric campaign we had going for Nestle ZENPEP by creating packaging based on the packaging of food products like Soda and soup cans, or like M&M or with hard candy wrappers.