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Black Friday 

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Black Friday  is Macy's Biggest and ONe  that was an honor to work on 

The Spread

Macy's had new events and promotions happening every week. While it was easy to send out a templated email with a simple grid of buy-one-get-one deals or percentages off, I knew that it wasn't enough to truly engage our customers. In order to make a lasting impression, our emails, landing page ads, and product displays needed to do more than just a list of discounts and sales.

I believed that these marketing materials should tell a story, one that would capture the attention of our customers and keep them engaged. Rather than just bombarding them with a list of promotions, we needed to create a flow that would take them on a journey and showcase the value of our products in a way that felt genuine and exciting.

As the head of the creative team, I made it my mission to ensure that every marketing asset we created had a cohesive story that resonated with our audience. Whether it was through bold imagery, compelling copy, or interactive elements, we wanted our customers to feel like they were part of something special and unique. By doing so, we were able to build a stronger brand identity and foster a more loyal customer base.

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Photo Art Direction 

As a photographer for over 20 years, I was thrilled when I was put in charge of directing the shoots for all of my campaign assets. I knew that this was an area where I could make a real impact. Since I am a photographer myself, I found it much easier to communicate my vision for the shots to the other members of my team, including the photographer and stylist. This open communication allowed us to move through more shots quickly, and often enabled us to wrap up ahead of schedule. Furthermore, because I was working with such a talented and creative team, I felt comfortable pitching out-of-the-box shot ideas, some of which we were able to use later down the road. This willingness to take creative risks allowed us to pitch dozens of unique and interesting ideas that ultimately made their way into the final campaign assets.



The easiest thing I knew we could do to add to the user experience was to add motion to pages through animated Gifs. Knowing the limitations and how to shoot them allowed us to have great success in pitching these to clients and for the main site and campaign event use.   

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A Different Approach

One of the biggest challenges in creating new campaign images for a large department store like Macy's was ensuring that each department was given representation. To address this, I used a variety of products from the merchandising room that week to craft shots that showcased the full depth of the store's offerings.

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Campaign Creation

Proving my skills in the photo studio I started running full campaigns in all forms of media: Web both desktop and tablet, multiple catalogs, newspaper, ads, bill boards reaching close to 400 assets for big events  distributed over 8 people I personally ran Macy's biggest events  some for multple years.

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