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As a Visual Storyteller, Artist, and Art Director, my passion lies in capturing moments and elevating the ordinary into something extraordinary through my photography. With my images, I strive to create a narrative that transports the viewer to a particular moment or memory, evoking emotion and sparking their imagination. All of the images on my site are available for purchase, and I hope that they inspire you and ignite your own personal story.

Photo Collections

My photography style draws comparison to the Street photography of Garry Winogrand and Henri Cartier Bresson, with a focus on capturing the sublime beauty in the everyday moments that are often overlooked as mundane. Over the past two decades, I have honed my craft by photographing the bustling streets of New York City and traveling the globe to capture unique perspectives across various cultures and locations. To make it easier to navigate my portfolio, I have organized my work by location, showcasing some of the most popular collections. If you're interested in exploring my entire catalog, please feel free to click on the link below.

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I was trained as a photographer but have spent the last 18 years working as an art director in the dynamic city of New York. Throughout my career, I have successfully created campaigns for more than 30 different brands, predominantly within the fashion industry. Despite the unexpected challenges brought about by the pandemic, I leveraged my creativity and flexibility to work in the pharmaceutical field for the past two years. You can find information about the most recent clients I have worked with below as well as links for a complete corporate History and a printable resume.

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Senior Art Director



Senior Art Director

Senior Photo Director


Judith Lieber

Director of Digital Marketing

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Bookings & Commissions

I am available for bookings to photograph at events like weddings and celebration parties.  I can also shoot portraits and still lives. If there is an event  you want to Celebrate in the future send an Email to to book an appointment  

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