I am a Visual Storyteller, Artist, and Art Director, but at my core, I am a Photographer. I like to take the seemingly mundane events and surroundings of life and amplify them into sublime Visual Stories that transport you back to a memory. All Images on the site are for sale and I hope you find one that sparks a story in you. 

Photo Collections

My photography is closest to street photography like Garry Winogrand or Henri Cartier Bresson.  I photograph the Sublimely beautiful parts of life that tend to be overlooked as modane. I have spent the last 20 years photographing the streets of New York and Traveling the world whenever I could to capture my point of view in different locations and cultures. I have separated my work into their location below are some of the most popular if you wish to explore click the links below to explore my entire Catalog of work.

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Although trained as I photographer I have worked as an Art Director in New York for over 15 Years crafting campaigns for over 30 different brands mostly in fashion although during the pandemic I switched to the pharisaical field. Below are the last three Clients I worked for or for more information click the links below 

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Senior Art Director



Senior Art Director

Senior Photo Director


Judith Lieber

Director of Digital Marketing

White Tile Wall

Bookings & Commissions

I am available for bookings to photograph at events like weddings and celebration parties.  I can also shoot portraits and still lives. If there is an event  you want to Celebrate in the future send an Email to bmoore@bryanmoorephotography.com to book an appointment  

White Tile Wall
Subway Train