Live 2 Thrive

Live 2 Thrive is a loyalty reward program for people diagnosed with EPI.

This site was created to help support people that were prescribed ZENPEP however due to FDA regulation this site needed to be unbranded or we would have to cut a lot of the content. 

To Brand or Not Brand


When I first started at McCann that was the plan was to cut a lot of the content and build a site that was branded as a ZENPEP site to help those with EPI. After a couple of rounds of name choices, the client settled on EPIcenter and a new logo was created. As we started the build for the new site and designed all the materials to send to customers, letting them know that the program would be changing to epicenter and what it would mean in the benefits they received 


The Website Relaunch

11720447 Live2Thrive Website Top_half.jpg

After Working on EPI center for over 6 months we had to scrap all those designs and start completely fresh with new Homepage designs 

I spearheaded this project since I was the most senior person on this account so multiple concepts were created with the option of utilizing a plethora of stock images to provide the emotional feeling and ideas the brand was trying to portray like the idea of community and enjoying life through food again and trying to play off similar ideas as ZENPEP without having it be branding be if you knew the brand you would understand the connection  


 Appling the Elements


After building and getting the Home page of the website approved the rest of the site had to be built so that meant building out the langue of buttons and page headers call outs all the little things on each page that would help carry the same look and feel throughout the website.  


Using those elements they were applied to customer letters, brochures,  pamphlets, and any other marketing materials needed.


Point to Point Sales 

Using the Brand Guidelines I redesigned both of the websites for the brand. One for the consumers and one for HCPs (Health Care professionals) as well as an interactive tablet presentation for a representative to review with HCPs.